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Contacting an Architect can seem like an intimidating task but it doesn't have to be.  It is a first step of many in the design process.  When you contact us, whether by phone or email, we will arrange with you an initial consultation at the project address.  This consultation is at no cost and provides an opportunity for you to describe what you wish to achieve with your project.

Some items to have handy(if you have them) as you start the process:

  • A site survey

  • A list of spaces you want to add, problems to address, etc.

  • Old architectural drawings if this is an addition to an existing home

After the consultation, we come up with a project proposal contract.  This proposal will outline your project, list phases of design services, as well the cost for us to provide you these services.  If you decide that you would like to proceed, the proposal is signed and the exciting part begins.

If your project is an addition, we begin with a measure of the existing structure.  Design begins with preliminary design drawings of floor plans and elevations, which we review with you to see what changes, if any, you would like to make.  That moves us into the design development phase.  We take the changes you would like to make and fine tune them into design development drawings, which have a little bit more detail.

From there, we move into the production of construction drawings, which will often include floor plans, elevations, electrical plans, structural plans, and the necessary supporting documents for permit submission and for use when pricing the cost of construction.

At that point, you will have the necessary tools for constructing your home with a contractor/builder.  Throughout the construction process, we are here to help answer questions, occasionally visit your job site, etc.


Hopefully this explanation of the process has answered some initial questions you may have about how all of this works.  Please feel free to contact us through our contact page if you would like to take the first step in starting your own design process.  

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